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Mixtape Monday – You have to believe we are magic

I was at this concert! Olivia was sick and was drinking tea from a teapot all night on stage but she carried on! You have to believe she is magic! 

Love, light and Livvy concerts,


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Monday Mixtape – You can do magic

I love music and my taste is pretty eclectic I guess, but I’m always hearing songs that really resonate with me on some kind of weird higher level. Even songs I’ve heard a hundred times will one day like, speak to me. Oooooh!

The other day this song came on and I always knew the lyrics were ‘you can do magic’ but that day it was like – ‘no, you really can do magic’!

So here it is for your Monday Mixtape listening pleasure!

I’d love to know what songs you are resonating with this week too! 🙂

Love, light and magic!


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