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Thank you so so so much for your incredibly insightful, empathetic and impactful reading. I really feel like you connected immediately with my headspace, situation and emotional state – straight away. Your reading is absolutely spot on. It spoke directly to my heart.

Kate –

I’ve been blown away by this. I’ve done things like this before and never had a reading that felt spot on – this really does! It resonates a LOT.


Ahhhh your reading was so pretty damn accurate it’s scary!


WOW, WOW, WOW!! THANK YOU for my reading – the detail, the explanation, the breaking it down and articulating the meaning. It’s all there.  This is great.
Dear Miss Fabulous New Age Hipster,
Your reading was perfectly in line with where my life has been recently, where I’m trying to get to and how I’m currently feeling about it all. Interestingly, it was also very similar to the reading I did for myself tonight… I now know for sure I’m on the right track. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
This reading is absolutely spot on….do you know me? lol! I have had many readings in the past, I have also worked with tarot myself and I have to say that this reading is way up there with the best of them. You are very insightful, express things very clearly but with your own unique, quirky style and the reading was very accurate for me. Keep doing what you’re doing it’s definitely working! Thank you so much!
Having already being a follower of Vix’s blog, I was fascinated by her style of tarot and so jumped at the chance to get a reading from her. I was asked to put one question to her and this couldn’t have come at a better time as there was an issue and situation really playing on my mind that I felt I needed some guidance for.I was blown away by the detailed reading I received from Vix. First of all, she thoroughly explained her process, how she had selected the cards and what spread she used for my question. There wasn’t really one thing that wasn’t accurate! Despite being very interested in the world of tarot, for me, it’s all about guidance more than a prediction of the future and this is exactly what I received. The way Vix worded everything, I could tell she was drawing on raw intuition and some of the things she picked up on gave me chills. She also makes it so relatable – not whimsical in the slightest, and there is a real element of humour, which made the reading even more enjoyable. I also loved the way she relates the cards to modern-day figures too.I would definitely recommend Vix to anyone who is seeking some guidance. And also in particular to those who haven’t had a tarot reading before because her style is incredibly real and relatable. She is clearly very passionate about her work and really dedicates time and thought to each reading. Thank you Vix!

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