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Guardian Angel Tarot Reading Giveaway!

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My Guardian Angel Tarot cards – the brand new deck by Doreen Virtue – arrived today! It’s really sweet and so cute and the images are adorable chintzy angel-y delights! To celebrate I’m giving away three mini-3 card readings with this deck! The readings will be a shorter version of one of my full 3 card readings which I’m nearly ready to unveil on my Etsy store. This reading will give you angelic insights into the past, present and possible future based on any question of your choice! This is a sweet soft deck and will work best for sensitive super cute people who love the angels, or are open to them being around.

When I’m a little more acquainted with this deck I’m going to do a video deck review + reading so watch this space!

To win a free mini-reading all you have to do is like newagehipster333 on Instagram and share this photo with a #newagehipster hashtag!

Winners will be announced on  #Caturday!

(Please note this giveaway is not available to those who’ve already had a free reading)

❤ Love, light and Guardian Angel blessings! ❤




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Mixtape Monday – You have to believe we are magic

I was at this concert! Olivia was sick and was drinking tea from a teapot all night on stage but she carried on! You have to believe she is magic! 

Love, light and Livvy concerts,


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The week ahead – Baba AKA God cakes

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Last week I had a question that was basically along the lines of who is the week ahead card for? So let me answer that before I go on with this week’s card. Whenever I pull a card for my blog, whether it’s for the week ahead or #Caturday cat cards I always ask my team (God, Angels, Guides and whoever else is with me from the light!) for a card that is for anyone who happens upon this blog and this page, so the answer is – this card is for you. Whoever is reading this right now! 🙂 However, if the card just doesn’t resonate with you then that’s totally fine too! Only you can know if this card is really for you or not. 😉

Now onto the reading! I finally got my so awesome Morgan’s Tarot deck this week. I wanted it ever since I started researching Tarot cards of the 1980’s. I thought it was such an odd ball deck and it really spoke to me when I saw pictures from it online. However, when I unwrapped the plastic and went through the cards I was like ‘OMG wtf is this deck?’ I thought maybe it was just a little too far out for me. But then I started shuffling and as I shuffled I really felt like actually this deck was definitely going to be able to speak to me. Yay!

OK, now really onto the reading! This week I pulled ‘Baba’. The word ‘Baba’ has so many meanings in different languages and cultures; ‘father’, ‘God’, ‘cake’, ‘Holy man’, but how does that relate to our week ahead? I feel like this is a reminder to connect with God, whatever that means to you. Hang out with God this week, chat to God in the car, in your head, in the shower, before you fall asleep. Get it all off your chest this week. Whatever is bothering you, whatever is making you happy in your life, whatever you want fixing or changing talk to God about it all.

And may I suggest it could also be a good week to bake or buy a cake. 😉


Love, light and God cakes,





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The coolest Tarot cards of the 1980’s

Tarot cards are so art, and nothing is cooler than 80’s art. Except 80’s art on tarot cards! Woah! Imagine sitting down to get your reading and your psychic is dressed in an 80’s gypsy outfit and pulls out a deck of 80’s tarot cards… hey, I think I’m seeing my future career calling – 80’s tarot readings by the new age hipster, leave your iPhones at the door!

So what deck are we using? Oh how about the Cosmic Tarot from 1986? I mean check out those earrings. This deck is going for about a tenner + postage at Amazon.

who are they 2

Or maybe the 1983 Karma Tarot is more your thing… What is even happening here? Who cares, it’s 80’s! It’s rad! And it’s only about £10 from Amazon too!


OK those cards are pretty and all, but they just don’t have enough 80’s hair, and let’s face it, the only reason you want a pack of 80’s tarot cards is for the hair. Well kid you’re in luck! The Art Nouveau Tarot from 1989 is just young enough to remember good hair.


Oh such pretty hair Ken! But wait, Matt Myers didn’t stop there! He actually gave his King of Coins a perm-y mullet thing. Like, WOW.

“You will meet a man with 80’s hair.” = Best fortune ever.

It’s just a damn shame these cards cost like £60 used. SAD!


The Yeager Tarot from 1982 is pretty totally awesome too. Blue horses and whatever else is happening in that picture makes me want it! £20 + postage!


And introducing – the amazing Medicine Woman Tarot! It’s so earthy and rainbows! Eeee!


OK, that’s enough goofing around, let’s get onto the two decks that are at the top of my Amazon wish list, and yes I know Amazon is bad right now, but I have to keep track of my wishes somewhere. I promise to buy them from an independent retailer if I can. One of these two has to be a pay day purchase for sure!

The Voyager Tarot deck from 1986. It’s basically a collage deck and it’s amazing. I mean look at this kid. As if you don’t wanna pull that in a reading!?


And I’ve saved the most bizarre tarot deck of the 1980’s for last, and it could well be my favourite. It’s called the Morgan Robbins Tarot deck from 1984, it’s not coloured in, but it is amazing. 


Be sure to follow me on instagram at newagehipster333 to check out my posts of these cards as soon as I get them! Wheeeeee!!

Love, light and time travelling tarot!


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