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The week ahead – Back to school!

The week ahead - Back to school!

This week we are being guided to go back to school. Bummer! But hey, a little bit of study this week might push you in the right direction to make a little extra cashola! If you don’t have something you are already working on, maybe it’s time to think about starting a project that could reap the financial rewards you’re not currently seeing.

So this week I’ll be working on my tarot lessons, my novel, my two blogs, a website and I’ll be doing it all after I finish at my day job.

Let’s make it happen people! Put in the hard yards this week and then you can relax on the weekend. 😉

Love, light and school work!

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#Caturday cat cards – Knight of Pentacles reversed

#Caturday cat cards - Knight of Pentacles reversed

This is a cat who, when upright is pretty confident, expects everything and everyone to come to him (probably because they usually do!) and has the potential to be kind of a smug jerk. Ouch! But reversed he’s falling off his horse and kind of dropping the ball!

A reminder today – stand up for yourself and don’t drop the ball!

Love, light and confident cats,

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The week ahead – #detox!


It’s probably the last thing you wanted to hear. But yep, we need to go on a detox this week. But before you freak out and hide the chocolate, have a think about what it is you really need to detox. Is it fast food? Alcohol? Negative thought patterns or friends who suck? Maybe you just need to go through your wardrobe and have a clear out. Whatever it is, do it this week!

Love, light and salad!



Caturday Cat Cards – The Emperor


Just a friendly reminder from your neighbourhood new age hipster to be the Emperor of your own destiny! And if you’re struggling with that, here’s a piece of Apache Tears to help heal you of negative feelings that are holding you back!

Love, light & Apache Tears,


Rumi Tuesday


Each night the moon kisses secretly the lover who counts the stars. – Rumi

Go out and count some stars tonight, if it’s not too cloudy. ❤

Love, light & stars


This week – What do you really want?!


I’ve been playing with divination since I was in high school. I remember long before I had a deck of cards writing ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on tiny pieces of paper and putting them in a sandwich bag, closing my eyes and asking ‘does he like meeeeee?’. And how many of us had ‘yes’ and ‘no’ written on each side of our erasers? Did it work? I can’t remember, even if he did like me I wouldn’t strike up the nerve to talk to a boy for another ten years or so, so I guess I’ll never know!

I’ve been dabbling with the Tarot for years now, but I’m still learning – I’ll always be learning! The symbolism and energy of the cards is so rich and deep that I kind of feel like right now I’m just floating around on top. On a lilo. Drinking a Pina Colada. It’s a lot of fun, but I’ve only dangled my legs in so far.

But you don’t have to have anyidea of what you are doing to receive messages from the Universe through Tarot. Even if you’ve just opened your first deck and given the cards a ‘knock’, a prayer, some sage, incense, whacked a crystal on top or whatever it is you feel like you want to do, you can still find so much meaning and truth if you just use your intuition! You might not know what the card means but you can work out how it makes you feel. And if you’re still using a book to help you (I am!) then look for any words or phrases that stand out. Some of the passages in Tarot books can be soooo long and by the time you’ve finished reading it you forgot what you were asking in the first place! Skim through the words, what feels like your message? What makes you gasp and think – OMG that’s so me!?

I asked for a message this week for myself and anyone who happens upon their lucky chance to come by this blog, and the 3 of wands came up for us. Looks like we are back to square one this week, which is no surprise really, as Mercury Retrograde is about to hit! Our energy might be scattered this week because we’ve just got so many darn irons in the fire! But sometimes set backs are just reminders for us to get centered and re-focused on what we really, really want.

This week we really need to take some time to reassess. Ah, and it’s the first of June, what a fantastic time to think about what we want to achieve during the second half of this year. You have six months left of 2014, what are you going to have to show by the end of it?

Love, light and six month plans!

New age hipster


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