Who am I?

Hi! I’m Vix. I’m a 30-something chic who has spent her entire life dabbling in divination and working out ways to talk to ‘God’. At school I messed around with Paganism for a while before jumping head first into organised religion; I was so totally hard core Christian I used to wear one of those WWJD rings on my wedding finger. These days I’m so much more comfortable, open minded and chilled out with spirituality. I’m into Tarot and currently putting myself through an intense training regime! I’m hoping to offer free readings very soon, when I’m totally ready to do that. I’m also really into Angels at the moment too. But my interests switch up depending on where I’m at in my life and what I need. I’m a certified Realm Reader, so that’s pretty cool. I can pretty much tell you if you came from another planet or not. It’s a super fun skill for parties!


What am I doing here?

I’ve been reading self-help and spiritual books for years and I feel like I’m finally at a place where I might have something to share. I try to keep all my posts lighthearted and fun and to make it even easier for you to get through them I put the important bits in bold. I get that your time is precious.


What’s a new age hipster?

I feel like there are a lot of amazing spiritual advice, blogs, books out there in the world written by people who are seriously spiritual. I’m serious about spirituality for sure, but personality-wise, I’m just not that serious. I call myself the new age hipster (although I don’t totally relate to the word ‘hipster’ these days it just felt like the most relevant word) because I’m into tarot, angels, 80’s movies, the internet, YA novels, writing YA novels, baking cupcakes and generally being spiritual, but a kind of a big dork.


What’s my disclaimer?

Everyone is on their own journey and this blog is just a part of mine. I’m only sharing what I feel to be true and if it doesn’t resonate with you then that’s totally fine! But if it does resonate with you then YAY and welcome! When it comes to the cards I’m sharing my thoughts and personal interpretations, and we all have our own interpretations of everything! We should always listen to ourselves and only take on from others what we feel will be of benefit or interest to us. I spent years trying to learn the tarot meanings through books without ever listening to my own intuition. The Gods speak to us all differently!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. BloomLisa says:

    I too am a Hay House junkie. I will be attending their I Can Do it Vancouver event for the third year in a row and volunteering with Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine for the second year in a row at their Angel Card Reader training workshop. I just love all the positive energy and inspiration there. Glad to meet your cyber acquaintance!

    • Hi Lisa! So nice to meet you too! 🙂 I’m already booked in for the Doreen workshop in London later this year and I CAN NOT WAIT! She is so cute and I love everything she does! Have an amazing time! Are you going to be blogging about?! Love! x

  2. InfiniteZip says:

    Thank you for finding me, did not do the Hay Housecsummit, not enough time but looking forward to reading more and learning too:) hopping on for the ride in my cheap sunglasses (I break way too many) 😉

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