#Caturday cat cards – Eight of Wands


I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I feel like I’m working so damn hard. Thinking, planning, working on projects, blogs, writing novels, just like doing stuff in the hopes that one day I’ll find some kind of success in something and make a difference to the world!

So a lot of the time I’m looking at the computer screen, or at my feet feeling dejected about the fourth rejection in my inbox from a literary agent (OK, so that’s still way less than J.K Rowling), or I’m bummed out watching the Almighty Johnsons (please watch this show, it’s amazing!!) because only like one person looked at my blog yesterday even though I spent ages typing up what I thought was a killer post!

But the Eight of Wands reminds us this #Caturday that just because we can’t see the movement doesn’t mean things aren’t happening for us. Maybe my agent hasn’t joined the agency yet. Maybe there are lessons to learn and blocks to bust before I can experience what society tells me is this thing called ‘success’.

Maybe if we all just stopped feeling so glum about nothing happening we could look up from our falling apart leopard print Converse sneakers and see that things are happening around us all the time in the cosmic web of life we all weave and none of us can see it all! There is so much going on right now that affects us that we are so completely unaware of. Like right now someone somewhere might be packing up the ready meal that you are going to eat next week and you’ll probably never even think about them…

So today let’s take a breath and remember that so much good stuff is happening around you all the time even when you are feeling totally bummed, and you can never feel too totally bummed if you go look at some clouds.

Love, light and flying wands! ❤



PS – I’m thinking about showing my face on the YouTube! Come join the discussion on my Facebook page if you’d like to tell me what you want to see! Deck reviews, Tarot tips and tricks (you can never have enough tips and tricks right?!), week ahead readings, personal readings…?! I’d love to hear what you want! x

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4 thoughts on “#Caturday cat cards – Eight of Wands

  1. Totally with you on this! Sometimes it seems we give our heart and soul to something yet there doesn’t seem to be much reaction. Recently I’ve started shifting my focus a little to service, and writing/creating with the belief that what we produce will reach the right person at the right time. If keep putting our truths out there someone is bound to benefit from that energy… Right?! And who knows, maybe an agent or two might stumble across our work at exactly the right time… x

    • Oh I definitely think anyone who finds my blog is supposed to for whatever reason! You are right, we have to keep sending out our light, love and good vibes and just know that out there somewhere someone is benefiting from it even if we aren’t! LOL! x

  2. Ollie Neveu says:

    Caturday! Almighty Johnsons! So down.

    Seriously though – what is success to you? Would you consider a blog post successful if it helped one person to gain new perspective on a situation on their life, provide comfort in time of need or give them a boost when they needed it most? Or if it got 300 comments? If you can reach just one person and touch their life with your work then that is something pretty special and to be celebrated.

    Keep putting out content that you feel so stoked about and trust that your message is reaching those who need it most. x

    • You are so right! I’ve been getting the ‘success is an illusion’ message a lot lately! Really thinking about what it means to be a success and you are right – one person being helped through one post is way more successful than all those people who ‘follow’ me on Twitter in exchange for follows! It means nothing!! ❤ x

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